We have free Annual OHS performance report templates built for small business, but may also be useful for a medium-sized business. If you complete the survey, you will receive free OHS performance reports. The information you provide will be used for benchmarking, however you company details will not be shared with any third-party without your permission. Once we have enough data, OHS benchmark performance reports will be available on request. It is recommended that each organisation complete 4 quarterly reports and an annual report each year, and make sure that senior management are provided with the report. This will assist in due diligence requirements, as senior management needs to be abreast of your OHS performance. The report should not be seen as a comprehensive gap analysis of your system, and can not be relied upon to prove that you are OHS compliant.

The KPIs should  include both lead indicators (positive performance indicators PPIs) and lag indicators for a balance scorecard approach. You will be provided with a score, and are encouraged to benchmark from report to report with this score, always aiming for continuous improvement.

You may like a customised version of the OHS performance reports, with variations of the KPIs / PPIs supplied. We can do this for you on request, there will be a charge for this service.

Customised versions are strongly  encouraged, as your OHS KPIs should link to

  • your business plan and objectives
  • the maturity of your organisation and OHS management systems,
  • the size of your organisation
  • the typical hazards faced

however benchmarking opportunities may be limited based on your customisation. You may decided to just concentrate on a segment of the KPIs provided for now, or you may like some totally different ones.


Annual OHS Performance Report template is available here,

and an Annual OHS Performance Report Sample

If you would like to take part in benchmarking with others,  you will need to email and request to go on the database for OHS Performance Benchmarking Reports.

Also, SafetyMAP is a WorkSafe Victoria initiative, and a great way to check on or audit against your system. Have a go of this free SafetyMAP diagnostic quiz and see how your organisation rates.

Guidance from SafeWork Australia on developing PPIs – GuidanceOnUseOf PPIs_2005_PDF

OHS & HR Management Systems related article

VECCI Online Free Diagnostic Tool for Senior Officers based on new Manslaughter Laws

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