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New online OHS courses for Victorian Workplaces

260321 OHS consulting brochure

OHS & HR Management Systems Pty Ltd provides:

  • Moodle Learning Management Systems (Customisable and affordable online learning, great for SMEs)
  • Safety induction platform and content development  safetyinduct.com.au
  • Gap analysis, development and implementation of HR & OHS management systems
    OHS and Emergency response planning
  • Customised training (both online and in the classroom) including topics such as:
    • OHS for Officers, Managers and Committees
    • Emergency planning, Chief Wardens and Wardens
    • Making Presentations and Event Management
  • Recruitment
  • EEO, bullying and harassment awareness training sessions, action plans and presentations (see relevant article about the new Victoria EO Act 2010 on the right menu)


  • Hosting and support for Moodle Learning Management Systems (affordable customisable online learning for SMEs)
  • Management Systems Health and safety auditing services
  • Health and safety management systems implementation
  • Health and safety planning
  • Emergency planning
  • Emergency response training (online and classroom)
  • Health and safety committee training (online and classroom)
  • Health and Safety training for officers, managers and supervisors (online and classroom)
  • Health and safety and EEO Awareness (bullying, /harassment, discrimination) training
  • Online Induction and Training Design
  • Training and Education (including delivery of TAE40116 Cert IV Training and Assessment via Plenty Training and professional development courses via Wizard Corporate Training)
  • Tutoring for TAE40116 Cert IV Training and Assessment including TAEASS502

Ask about Free Safety Advice

WorkSafe Victoria’s OHS Essentials is a free workplace safety consultation service, delivered by independent OHS experts. We will visit your workplace to assist you better understand your Health & Safety requirements including policy & procedural requirements, as well as identifying hazards. You will then be provided with a practical safety action plan as a guide to assist your organisation to improve its Health & Safety management. We will also and check-in with you to gauge how you’re tracking. This is a free service available to small and medium employers, registered for WorkCover insurance. https://www.worksafe.vic.gov.au/ohs-essentials-program

TRAINING DELIVERED VIA RTO – PLENTY TRAINING – http://www.plentytraining.edu.au/

Plenty Training is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 32371) providing distance learning, RPL kits and face-to-face classes in nationally-recognised qualifications throughout Australia. I deliver the TAE40116 Cert IV Training & Assessment o behalf of Plenty Training.

The Great Safety Debate - Affermative Team
Dr John Tickell, Julie Mcloughlin and John Toomey The Great Safety Debate – Affirmative Team – Comcare Conference 2009

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Privacy Policy

We are bound by the National Privacy Principles under the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000. Any personal information disclosed by you will be used for the purposes of identifying you and confirming your participation. If applicable, financial information disclosed by you will be used only for the purposes of affecting the transaction to which it relates, and will be kept securely until legally able to be deleted. Otherwise, the personal information disclosed will be used by us to communicate with you about our products and services. If you do not want to receive communications from us about products or services unrelated to this transaction, please indicate.

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