Our Services

OHS & HR Management Systems Pty Ltd provides:

  • Moodle Learning Management Systems (Customisable and affordable online learning, great for SMEs)
  • Safety induction platform and content development  safetyinduct.com.au
  • Gap analysis, development and implementation of HR & OHS management systems OHS and Emergency response planning
  • Customised training (both online and in the classroom) including topics such as:
    • OHS for Officers, Managers and Committees
    • Workplace Mental Health Awareness
    • Emergency planning, Chief Wardens and Wardens
    • Making Presentations and Event Management
  • Recruitment
  • Psychological Safety Planning and Awareness including hazard identification (surveys) EEO, bullying and harassment awareness training sessions, action plans and presentations (see relevant blog post about the new Victorian Psychological Safety Regulations on the left menu)


  • Hosting and support for Moodle Learning Management Systems (affordable customisable online learning for SMEs)
  • Management Systems Health and safety auditing services
  • Health and safety management systems implementation
  • Health and safety planning
  • Emergency planning
  • Emergency response training (online and classroom)
  • Health and safety committee training (online and classroom)
  • Health and Safety training for officers, managers and supervisors (online and classroom)
  • Psychological safety and EEO Awareness (bullying, /harassment, discrimination, workplace mental health awareness ) training
  • Online Induction and Training Design
  • Training and Education (including delivery of TAE40116 Cert IV Training and Assessment via Plenty Training and professional development courses via Wizard Corporate Training)
  • Tutoring for TAE40116 Cert IV Training and Assessment including TAEASS502