How to Make Great Workplace Inductions

Onboarding people effectively Firstly, let’s think about the aim of induction, we want to help our new workers (employees and contractors) to feel welcome, fit in quickly and understand how our business works and what our values are. We also want to make sure they are able to understand and work safety around any of […]

Emergency Planning for Venues

We cannot foretell when an emergency event will happen; what we do know is that emergency situations do occur at our venues and events. What we also know is how we plan and prepare for potential emergencies will have a direct impact on decision making during an emergency situation, and the decisions we make will […] […]

Meeting your Primary Duty under harmonised WHS legislation as an Employer and 7 keys to developing online induction

The extract below is from the model WHS Act which is currently legislation is all States other than Victoria and Western Australia. These 2 States have very similar requirements. It is important to note that when the legislation mentions ‘workers’, it is referring to employees, contractors and volunteers. So basically, amongst other things, we have […]