Top 10 workplace training and workplace induction tips (suitable for both classroom and online training)

This list has been prepared taking into account adult learning principles

  1. SET OBJECTIVES – what are you trying to get across, what do the learners need to be able to do at the end
  2. LEARNER FOCUSSED – Engage the learner – don’t make it all one way delivery of information, act as a ‘facilitator’ rather than a ‘trainer’
  3. BALANCE ENTERTAINMENT and ENLIGHTENMENT – make it entertaining, but don’t forget the key objectives that need to be met. Learners may love fun training, but if it is not meeting objectives it is a waste of time and resources.
  4. SIMPLE DIALOGUE – use bullet points and active language, use pictures, charts, graphs
  5. VARY LEARNING METHODS – use activities, case studies, videos, questions and answers, polls, discussions, forums, debates, role plays
  6. APPLY LEARNING – All new information requires examples of applications and opportunities to practice
  7. REAL LIFE SCENARIOS – The closer you can get to a REAL example the better, consider actually getting real work completed during training
  8. WORKPLACE FLOW – Provide information in the order that it occurs in the workplace
  9. ASSESS THE LEARNING – Have they met the objectives, make sure you asses this. Try to assess in the workplace as well as part of the training program
  10. EVALUATE THE TRAINING – Get feedback from the learners and other stakeholders. Be prepared for critical evaluation and make changes when it makes sense. Online surveys are a great way of easily compiling feedback.

One more for good luck! Think carefully about how long the program should take – short and sharp is best to fit in with busy workplace schedules. 1 – 2 hour sessions can be invaluable. Make sure you make it dynamic and mix it up within the allotted time frame.

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