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Bayside Business Network Seminar – your OHS Obligations   Click on the link for details, seminar run by Julie McLoughlin Session Outline:        Victorian OHS Act 2004 – Current Employer Obligations        How do we work towards meeting our obligations        For medium and large businesses – seven pillars of safety        Common Hazards in small business        Harmonisation Update        Victorian EO […]

Workplace Bullying Definition

I find it interesting that WorkSafe Victoria requires workplace bullying to be REPEATED, on the other hand the Victorian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission seems to think repeated is not so important. In their template for an EEO Policy, they state: “Bullying If someone is being bullied because of a personal characteristic protected by […]

Health and Safety Compliance Top 10

Does your company employ staff or engage contractors, and if so, are you comfortable that you are fulfilling your legal and moral Duty of care obligations? Can you answer YES to all of these statements, or do they leave you feeling a little nervous?  If nervous, you may benefit from the services of OHS&HR Management […]

Safe Work Australia Week

Safety Ambassadors One of the best ways to get involved in Safe Work Australia Week is by becoming a Safe Work Australia Week Safety Ambassador. Safety Ambassadors are working Australians who have a passion for health and safety and are dedicated to making workplaces safer. In previous years Safety Ambassadors have included Ministers, CEOs, health […]

New Victorian Equal Opportunity Act 2010

 now in place  What’s new? All businesses  must demonstrate pro-active strategies to  eliminate sexual harassment, discrimination and victimisation. Along with this new  ‘positive duty” , ‘direct’ and  ‘indirect’ discrimination have been redefined. All businesses need to review current EEO policies  and procedures, as they now have a positive duty to ensure their workplaces are  free […]

Workplace alcohol and drug testing

OHS Professional has an article, which from the heading, “Workplace alcohol and drug testing: the long winding road” suggests there might be some valuable information about drug testing (methods/procedures etc). We all know that consultation and education needs to be a strong focus of any ADP. The article tells us this, and tells us about […]

What safety leadership strategies should you adopt

Here is a nice summary written by Dominic Cooper  Let us know what you think… The common Safety Leadership strategies appear to be: [1] Encouraging people to take personal responsibility for safety by setting expectations for each layer (Senior, Middle, Front-line management, and employees) linked to clear goals. These should be created at a dedicated session […]

The road to AS 4801 OHS certification

WHY? Benefits of an OHSMS helping create safer work environments reducing injuries and injury-related costs – by pre-empting injuries, employers save money on medical expenses, the injured employee’s wages, insurance claim excesses, replacement labour and increased workers’ compensation insurance premiums improving business opportunities – many companies have preferential purchasing policies that favour purchasing products or […]

LinkedIn Group – OHS in Australia

I have started a group on Linkedin. If you are a member on Linkedin, and would like to join this group, send me an email and I will invite you. I am hoping to get some good OHS related discussions and articles going, so if your are interested in OHS it could be good for […]

AS4801 versus SafetyMAP

 If you live in Victoria, you have the choice of these 2 auditing tools. My opinion is that SafetyMAP is the best. I have implemented systems and had them audited with both tools. Basically, SafetyMap advanced level is equivalent to AS4801. This is why I would use SafetyMAP (even though WorkSafe doesn’t seem to promote […]