WHS Harmonisation in Victoria? Nope.

 1st May 2012

“The Government will not sign up to the current proposal for harmonised legislation for occupational health and safety. It offers little benefit for Victoria to offset the $3.4 billion of estimated costs, the majority of which falls on small business. Victoria will continue to work towards best practice legislation.”

2012-13 Treasurer’s Speech Budget Paper No. 1. ( Page 14)

Kim Wells MP

Treasurer of the State of Victoria


Note: Thanks to Steve Goss at Sentry Business Resilience Solutions for sourcing the quote! http://www.linkedin.com/in/sentry

4 thoughts on “WHS Harmonisation in Victoria? Nope.

  1. Funny how when the libs were in opposition they were the party saying that this legislation change needed to be made to bring uniform laws in OH&S to all Australia.
    Now when they have to do the deed they say it’s all about money. How easy it is to be in opposition. Just keep spouting the other angel but when it comes down to it. We got to look after small business. …………..Nonesense it’s all about budget requirements.The Libs are in a mess and need the money to get through the real agenda of cutting public spending and establishing more committees to govern for us.
    There should be a law which makes all states impliment federal policy if it’s seenas good for the country as a whole.
    Better still, lets do away with all the political pygmies and get rid of state governments completely.

  2. Well said Alex! My opinion is that the potential cost has been inflated to suit the governments agenda. The legislation is based on Victorian legislation, any cost would be outweighed by the benefits of uniformity and best practice. If small business cost is an issue, work out how to help them instead of ditching the whole thing. ie. Get large businesses to adpot small businesses and share OHS related resources.

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