AS4801 versus SafetyMAP

 If you live in Victoria, you have the choice of these 2 auditing tools. My opinion is that SafetyMAP is the best. I have implemented systems and had them audited with both tools. Basically, SafetyMap advanced level is equivalent to AS4801. This is why I would use SafetyMAP (even though WorkSafe doesn’t seem to promote it much, and not many companies seem to be using it).

  • You can use the criteria to set up your system in the first place
  • You can start with initial level – take a more gradual approach to full compliance
  • You can still get audited against the Australia Standard and be certified with both if you like
  • You get a logo to brand your safety system with.

9 thoughts on “AS4801 versus SafetyMAP

  1. Julie

    I agree that SafetyMAP is useful but it has dated considerably since WorkSafe created it almost 20 years ago.

    WorkSafe confused itself and the safety industry by being a regulator who also offered a “compliance tool”.

    The biggest appeal to me about SafetyMAP is that it is independent of Standards Australia and SAI Global. Safety professionals and business need alternatives to over-priced auditing services and business information

  2. Have you seen the National Audit Tool (NAT) for Workers Compensation Self Insurers?

    We audit and assist self insured clients prepare for their regulator audits and find that this tool is the best of SafetyMAP and 4801.

    Worth taking a look at.

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