A great new tool to beat discrimination in the workplace

Removes Hate Fast

Are you tired of discrimination at work? Do you feel helpless and find yourself asking – “What can I do?” Well there’s now a solution.

“New Anti-Hate Spray puts the power of hate removal in your hands. Specifically formulated to combat racism, homophobia and any other discrimination, Anti-Hate Spray will leave your community clean and hate free.”


3 thoughts on “A great new tool to beat discrimination in the workplace

  1. What a great idea. A anti hte spray. If only life was so simple.I got involved in the oh&s field to help prevent people asking others to do silly things in the construction industry primarily because of a perceived weakness spotted by foremen/ managers.
    I believe the only relief from that sort of behaviour is education and the law.In Victoria we have the workplace bullying codes, there seems to be a distinct lack of prosecutions brought about since these laws were laid down. Are they telling us that all’s wel in the workplace regards Bullying and discrimination?
    As I said earlier if only life was that simple lol

  2. I see your point, but I think prevention based on education and awareness is where we need to aim. I think tools like this are great to use as part of that process – It is not by any means aimed at being the solution, just a tool to help us move towards a more preventative culture.

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