Workplace Mental Health and Well-being – 10 Tips to reduce mental health issues in the workplace

Rising Workers Compensation claims relating to mental health injury and increasing discussion around mental health as a workplace health and safety issue has led WorkSafe Victoria to set up a dedicated website to assist workplaces with planning and initiatives to reduce psychological injury.

Have a look at the WorkWell program here.

When thinking about the workplace mental health injury risks at your workplace, consider these psycho-social harm risk factors.

  1. High Work Demands
  2. Lack of control over work activities
  3. Low support from supervisors and co-workers
  4. Low clarity of work role
  5. Work relationship issues, for example lack of trust or honesty
  6. Poorly managed change
  7. Lack of civility, that being courteous and respectful behaviors

In order to reduce mental health injury in your workplace consider the following 10 tips to help your organisation manage mental health organisational risk factors

  1. Think about mental health
  2. Talk about mental health
  3. Act on mental health issues when they arise (provide assistance)
  4. Promote a supportive and caring culture, encourage staff to look out for each other
  5. Foster new ideas from staff on how you can improve
  6. Encourage workers to ask for help
  7. Have a zero tolerance for bullying behaviours and promote that fact
  8. Have a well documented and fair complaints procedure
  9. Be creative with health programs and encourage work-life balance
  10. Use the WorkWell program to develop an action plan


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