Bayside Business Network Seminar – your OHS Obligations   Click on the link for details, seminar run by Julie McLoughlin

Session Outline:

  1.        Victorian OHS Act 2004 – Current Employer Obligations
  2.        How do we work towards meeting our obligations
  3.        For medium and large businesses – seven pillars of safety
  4.        Common Hazards in small business
  5.        Harmonisation Update
  6.        Victorian EO Act 2010 – Current Employer Obligations
  7.        How do we work towards meeting our EEO obligations

Jul 16th 6:00 pm – 7:45 pm

This seminar will  help you understand your health and safety obligations. We will look at  responsibilities under the current Victorian 2004 OHS Act and discuss the new  harmonised National legislation. After  attending you will understand employer obligations to employees,  contractors and visitors. You will know what you can do to move towards  full compliance, and what the small changes are you can make to head in  the right direction. Identifying and controlling risk is a key  component of Health and Safety Management – this presentation will cover  common workplace hazards and their controls.
As workplace  bullying presents a common risk regardless of the type of workplace,  this presentation will outline how you can implement a bullying  prevention strategy.

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