Workplace Bullying Definition

I find it interesting that WorkSafe Victoria requires workplace bullying to be REPEATED, on the other hand the Victorian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission seems to think repeated is not so important. In their template for an EEO Policy, they state:


If someone is being bullied because of a personal characteristic protected by equal opportunity law, it is a form of discrimination. Bullying can take many forms, including jokes, teasing, nicknames, emails, pictures, text messages, social isolation or ignoring people, or unfair work practices. Under the Equal Opportunity Act 2010, this behaviour does not have to be repeated to be discrimination – it may be a one-off event.

Behaviours that may constitute bullying include:

  • sarcasm and other forms of demeaning language
  • threats, abuse or shouting
  • coercion
  • isolation
  • inappropriate blaming
  • ganging up
  • constant unconstructive criticism
  • deliberately withholding information or equipment
    that a person needs to do their job or access their entitlements
  • unreasonable refusal of requests for leave,
    training or other workplace benefits.”

What do you think????

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