Health and Safety Compliance Top 10

Does your company employ staff or engage contractors, and if so, are you comfortable that you are fulfilling your legal and moral Duty of care obligations?

Can you answer YES to all of these statements, or do they leave you feeling a little nervous?  If nervous, you may benefit from the services of OHS&HR Management Systems Pty Ltd

  1. Management understands our Health and Safety related compliance requirements
  2. We would be happy for WorkSafe to inspect our workplace
  3. We know our major risks and have controls in place to eliminate or minimise injury
  4. We have a Health and Safety policy
  5. We have Health and Safety procedures that cover incident reporting and investigation and hazard identification, assessment and control
  6. We know what to do if there is a serious incident, and are aware of WorkSafe fines if reporting is not undertaken.
  7. We formally consult with employees regarding Health and Safety
  8. Our staff (and contractors) are aware of and comply with our Health and Safety policy and procedures
  9. We have a policy about unacceptable workplace behaviours (bullying, harassment, discrimination) and our staff are well aware of what is not appropriate and how to deal with unacceptable workplace behaviours if they occur
  10. We have emergency management plans for our workplaces, we hold practice drills in order to be best prepared to safety evacuate persons should an emergency (ie fire) occur

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